Our Unique Model

Revenue Sharing

We believe in “Sharing together we will succeed Together” All BrokerNation agents have the opportunity and option at NO COST to participate in the Company’s Revenue Sharing Program. This program is designed to encourage the participating Agents to earn additional monthly residual income from their recruiting efforts or simply from the introduction of a new agent.

At BrokerNation we SHARE all the company’s income generated by your recruits and those that follow. . This means all the company’s monthly, annual and transaction fees generated by their recruiting efforts in which residuals are calculated on a multi-tier structure up to (5) five levels down. The first ever 100% commission Revenue Sharing Real Estate Company with a multi-tier structure.

The Tools To Succeed

Besides our unique compensation structure we strive to provide the best industry tools to help you build your business and increase your transactions. We offer the latest back-end software to help grow your business, IDX websites, In-house Social Media & Tech support, marketing templates, CRM customer management system, in house Broker support and a MODEL that will take your career to the next level.

Full Service Provided

Unlike most 100% commission companies, we are not about just collecting fees and not investing back in the company or its Agents. BrokerNation Real Estate has an infrastructure that provides support, branding, and future growth potential to be successful. Our model is one and simple: $ 395.00 Transaction fee, $89.95 monthly fee and up to 50% of all the company’s gross revenue paid back to its recruiting Agents in REVENUE SHARING!

Only at BrokerNation do you get:

  • Revenue Sharing Option
  • 100% commission on your deals
  • BNRE  Back-Office System
  • Promotion Marketing Templates
  • Paperless Integration (Docu-Sign)
  • Social Media In-House Support FREE!
  • Broker with 27+ years of experience
  • Lead Support Software
  • E & O Insurance included
  • Corporate Office/Conference Room
  • No Franchise fees!

See our model in action:

The Monthly Residual Calculator
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Revenue Sharing (Multi-tier Model)

In an industry where some Agents may struggle with the reality of a commission only compensation structure, our Agents have the freedom of building their network with just an introduction, earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their recruiting efforts and establish a monthly income stream for their future.  Our unique model is structured on a multi-tier network up to (5) five levels down of recruits and unlimited across, making your opportunity to grow your residuals endless. It is that Simple!

100% Commission

BrokerNation Real Estate offers 100% commission to all its Agents (Business Partners). Business Partners pay only a transaction fee of $395.00 per closing on sales and $195.00 on rentals.  The company offers at no cost the option to earn residual income in REVENUE SHARING for their recruiting efforts. The sales commissions can be paid directly to the Agents at the closing table. There is a monthly fee of just $89.95 which covers personal IDX website profile page, E&O insurance, office back end transaction software, client management system, brochure templates, social media and marketing tools. There are NO OTHER hidden fees charged to the Agents or the clients!

Virtual Back-Office

It all starts with our Virtual Back-Office platform, from documents to links, social posts, company news, and more…  The Back-Office application allows agents to collaborate with Brokers, Agents, Clients, and Leads like never before. MLS Data Integration is also included allowing property data to simply be pulled directly into the system for transaction management, listing search, and individual agent websites.

Going well beyond traditional static transaction management, our Virtual Back-Offices’ predictive workflows let agents and clients know what documents or actions are expected as they progress throughout the transaction process.

Enhanced company flyers, property websites, target mail/email campaigns are included. This eliminates the need for several systems, and therefore, several data entry to points. BrokerNation Real Estate helps you manage all aspects of your back-office needs in our all-in-one system.

In-House Marketing & Broker Support

BrokerNation Real Estate has a team of industry trained professionals to support you with all your needs. Starting with a Broker who has over 27 years of experience in the industry just a call away, in house internet and website coding experts, social media marketing training, graphic design options, or any guidance necessary for you to be successful… BrokerNation Real Estate has you covered!