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We are the first and ONLY Real Estate Brokerage in the Nation to offer its agents the opportunity to get a percentage on ALL revenue generated from their recruiting efforts, both on transaction fees and also on the monthly fees while also offering a 100% commission structure.

It is similar in nature as revenue percentages are calculated with a five (5) level structure.  However, we are not selling any products or third party services that would affect your normal course of doing business. At BrokerNation, we are a Real Estate company offering quality service to our clients and customers as well as offering a unique model with 100% structure to our Agents who are our Business Partners.

Most companies typically spend a good percentage of their revenue in marketing, recruiting, and huge office spaces. At BrokerNation Real Estate we choose to share part of our revenue with our recruiting agents.  Our model is focused on keeping the company’s overhead down without compromising the services offered to its customers and/or its agents. Furthermore, BrokerNation Real Estate offers the best virtual options available in today’s market to also inspire those who work remotely out of the office.  This allows us to also capture the interest of many Agents throughout the state.

FULL SUPPORT! Even though we are 100% structured, our model is based on providing you with tools to assist in increasing your transactions. In order to help you grow your business, we offer the latest back end software, IDX websites, in-house social media and technical support, marketing templates, CRM customer management system, in-house Broker support, and most importantly a MODEL that will take you to a completely new level.

YES! This is what sets us apart from any other model in the industry. Since we share all revenue including all monthly fees you will receive a monthly residual guaranteed, regardless if your recruit has had production or not. Furthermore our residuals are not triggered on company income caps, profits, team production or any quotas. IT’S VERY SIMPLE!

Commissions are paid within 48 hours of company receiving funds and can also be paid at the closing table subject to BrokerNation paperwork properly being submitted and approval by our transaction coordinators. All residuals are paid on a monthly basis. They are calculated at the end of a production month and paid by the end of the following month.

Yes! At no cost, we provide you with your own personal IDX search capability and lead capture profile page which captures your own leads and directs them exclusively to your email. Example site: Http/

No, our model is simple: A transaction fee of $395.00 on sales, $150.00 flat fee on rentals, and $69.95 a month.

Absolutely not …  The revenue sharing program is optional and there is no cost associated with it. Our first mission is for you to excel in the Real Estate industry. Should you want to introduce a fellow Realtor to join our team is strictly up to you.

Even though it is to your best interest to help your recruits increase their production and/or growth, you are not required to create, manage teams or be responsible for your recruits.  It is up to you.

Yes, but we like to refer to it as an investment. Our company is structured to provide our agents the best tools and support to be successful in our industry such as transaction, marketing, and customer management systems, in-house tech and broker support and of course it is part of our 100% commission package. Your investment is $69.95 per month.

Yes, we are currently looking for existing brokerages who fit our profile as we expand BrokerNation Real Estate in Florida, as well as some markets in the country. If you are a Broker with and an existing brokerage and would like to know more about our Branch opportunity please contact us.

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